I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t serving the local church. In junior high I volunteered to lead the snow-cone station at Vacation Bible School, in high school our youth group let me lead worship on Wednesday nights, in college I studied the stewarding and starting of new churches, and now I’m doing whatever it takes to help plant the church on college campuses in the Pacific Northwest.

A lot of people use their platform to complain about the church. It's trendy.  It's easy.  It's heartbreaking.  But my friends and I, we don't buy it.  We love the church.  We know she's broken.  We know it's hard, but we are joyfully giving our lives to champion the church as the glorious bride she is.  

As my favorite singer/songwriter, the late Rich Mullins used to say, "The scary thing about God is He doesn't have a plan B.  He sent Christ to the cross and the church to the world.  It's His plan.  And it will work."  

The church is Plan A.  I've experienced it.  I know it.  And now that it's our turn, we want to lead people to planting and pastoring the local church on college campuses.  We believe the campus is the most strategic place to start a movement because college students are the most reachable, trainable, sendable, and influential people in the world.  

I owe all I am to Jesus and the local church.  So, if I can help you—as a leader—leverage your life to equip and advance a disciple-making collegiate church for the glory of God, nothing would bring me more joy.  Let's talk! 

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