The only thing keeping us from flying to China and bringing home our daughter are two sets of fingerprints.

Everything else is done.

Application: Done.

Training: Done.

Paperwork: Done.

Home Study: Done. 

Fingerprints: Done

Paperwork Again: Done.

Home Study Again: Done.

Fundraising: DONE!

Fingerprints Again: Not Done.  

Travel Status: Waiting

Hopefully, by the end of this week we will have our travel dates.  And hopefully, we will go to China late April or early May.  

If we had it our way we'd be on a plane tomorrow, but this isn't Burger King.  We don't get to have things our way.  (Dad joke, sorry)

At this point, we've settled in to waiting.  Or trusting.  Or whatever you want to call it.  We don't like it, waiting, but we've grown to love it.  It's familiar, like an old friend. 

We're learning this basic truth over and over again: It's all out of your control, so be faithful to what's in front you.  

Amy is feeling the stress of being "metaphorically" 8 months pregnant.  I'm feeling the motivation to get things done, which means clean, organize, and take 100 trips to Goodwill.  Why do we have so many blankets? 

Generally, we're doing good.  Amy and I went on a date this weekend, and only kinda fought.  Our house is getting decluttered. The baby room is 90% complete.  I'm building this little bed so Lucy can sleep next to Amy-PTL for YouTube videos.  We're still overwhelmed by the generosity shown during our fundraiser.  We're writing lots of thank you letters.  We're still praying for Lucy, knowing her whole world is about to change.  And we're trying to bottle up every moment we have with Harper, knowing her whole world is about to change too.

The fingerprint fiasco had us bummed last week.  We were thinking of all the things we could have done different to "maybe/possibly/potentially" have expedited the process.  What if we would have gone to a different person at the post office?  Maybe that guy at the end didn't know what he was doing, maybe he was adopted and had a horrible experience, maybe Trump is to blame.... and other conspiracy theories, etc.  

Then we got an update from our agency.  They gave us 8 pictures and 6 videos.  Yet they gave us so much more.  Somehow, just by seeing an updated photo, and seeing that Lucy's hair is getting long, made everything calm.  She has 8 teeth, and she has friends, and she knows how to play peak-a-boo.  I have a video to prove it.

It took an email to remind us, again: God has a plan.  He has a timeline.  He has a story.  He has never been stressed out.  And He knows us, and knows Lucy, and He's a Father who can be trusted. Really, truly, deeply, trusted.  

So, here's our update:  God is still good.  We are still waiting.  

Pray for us and pray for our girl.  We will meet soon enough and the timing will be just right