Your church has a vision.  Most likely even a mission statement.  If your church is serving the mission and vision well then you most likely have this phrase or sentence memorized. 

But what about the gathering you lead?  Do you have a mission statement?  Do you have vision for your team and purpose for your part in leading?  If right now I walked up to your drummer and asked him the mission of your worship band would he have something to say? 

It’s more important than we realize. 

I heard somewhere you have to remind people of the mission every 21 days.  So, every three weeks, your guitar player, or back up singer, is going to walk into rehearsal wondering why they are there at all.  And it’s on you to remind them, to lead them as they lead others. 

Every year the Resonate Band goes on a retreat.  We rent this sweet little space in the hills of the Palouse and learn 6 new songs or so and talk through the vision, mission, purpose of our band and of our Sunday night gatherings.  I’m going to share them to give some framework of what I mean.

The Resonate Gathering Team’s vision, mission, and purpose:


To provide an inspiring and challenging worship environment for believers to experience God and seekers to explore, question, and doubt, in a safe venue. 


To have a biblically faithful understanding of God and a biblically faithful corporate response to Him. 


To lead, dream, create, and execute the tasks involved in the Sunday gathering of Resonate Church.

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit we aspire to be competent in planning services, implementing vision, creating moments, leading teams, singing songs, preaching sermons, connecting people, and using the unique gifting found in our congregation and our leaders. 

Through diligent study of the text, the culture, and the soul of our church we purpose to find meaningful ways to connect people to people and people to God.

Today’s post is simple.  Do you have working wordage that your team understands and lives under.  There’s no way to say “I don’t think this song is helping us accomplish what we want to,” if no one knows what your team wants to be accomplished. 

Leading worship is leading your band into a vision that leads your group into God.