If you want power, create fear. 

Create so much fear that people become paralyzed and worried and stressed and conspiracy theorists. Then—and this is key—step into the fear you created, and offer yourself as the only one who can fix it.  

It’s fear language... followed by Savior language. Day after day after day.

Are we statistically safer than ever? Yes. (allegedly)

Does it feel that way? No. Not even close. 

It FEELS like I should check under this seat I’m sitting in because there MAY be a bomb strapped to it. It FEELS like that guy over there LOOKS dangerous and I should probably keep an eye on him.  

Should I? No. Am I going to? Maybe.  

Truth is: terrible, terrible, god-awful things are happening every day, and we are both outraged and numb. I scroll through my twitter feed and read about what FEELS like the end of the world. 

These may seem absurdly obvious, but nonetheless, here are a few things that help me:

OUR DAYS WERE NUMBERED (before the world began)

I'll keep this part short: 

Stewarding our bodies is important, being safe is important, but God knows when you’re last day on earth will be. Do you feel that? Really? Whether it’s old age or tragedy, it’s out of your hands.  

'Being careful' won’t add time. Being worried won’t add an hour. Be faithful, and trust God’s timing for your life… and your death.  


There is a lot of evil in the world. Like a whole lot. What is God doing about it?  

Answer: He’s creating a People.  

I know this is incredibly complex, and I don’t mean to oversimplify, but to say it as simply as possible: the Kingdom of God is God’s answer to evil.  

Every time you see evil, dream about the kingdom.  

Every time you see evil, look at another believer.

Every time you see evil, pray with a brother.  

We represent another world. We are responsible to usher in this other world. But…  ushering in that world is not political or powerful, it’s subversive and invisibly influential.  

We are the underground movement, the grassroots riot, and we do it by NOT BEING AFRAID, by NOT BEING ANXIOUS, but by seeing evil, and being recklessly hopeful and optimistic knowing there is a timer on this evil, and there is a refuge in Christ and His church.  

A REAL SAVIOR IS COMING (and we should pray it is soon)

Real talk. If the sky cracked within the hour and you saw Jesus returning, would that be the greatest joy/hope/peace/love/excitement of your heart coming to fulfillment? Or would you kind of miss the world?  

I think we love the world. Like really love it. And we should be careful.  

This world was never supposed to be our home. It’s a sin-filled waiting room where we do as much pushing back darkness and damage control imaginable, but when the door opens and we go home, we go running. Not wishing we could stay just a minute longer because we have some really great summer plans.  

It’s crazy out there in the world. Be careful to keep your eyes on Christ and resist the temptation to fear your life away.  

God is good. He’s on His throne. He’s in control. And the government is on His shoulders. Leaders are in His hands. He’s creating a Kingdom people. And He will come back for them. And He will make all things right.  

Or as the Jesus Story Book Bible says, “Fear Not. A day is coming when Jesus will make all sad things come untrue.”