They say you can only write what you know, and up to this point all I've known is my own story.  This book was a long time coming, but by God's grace and the friends who helped me raise $10,000 dollars to have it published, I released it to the world.  (click here for the story

I'm currently working on a book about the church.  How loving and leading it is the best way to reach the lost world.  I've been half-way done for a while now.  But hopefully you'll see it coming soon.  Maybe 2016!?  

Here's the info on Saturday Nothing:

Jesus the Christ died on Friday, rose on Sunday, and left the world to wonder on a Saturday filled with nothing.

All of us live in this mysterious place of in-between--an already, but not yet.  The first century believers lived there too.  But only for a day.  Jesus was killed on Friday, Saturday nothing, but Sunday, bewildering Sunday, the tomb was empty, the promise come.  For the twenty-first century believer, the story is much the same.  We live in the day between--the nothing day.  Our lives unfold somewhere between the blessed resurrection and promised second coming.   

The trouble of our Saturday is it lasts longer than a day.  Our waiting, trusting, and nothing could very well last a lifetime.  We inhale, but do not breathe deeply. We hear, but do not understand.  We see, but it is through stained glass.  

"A beautiful blend of biblical theology and raw biography. You walk away having clearly seen the Gospel and desiring to authentically tell your story."
Ed Newton, evangelist, bible communicator, Faith Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee

"It's uncommon to read a story with such unguarded vulnerability and Gospel-drenched hopefulness.  Josh's story is a bold reminder of God being present in all things, and I'm thankful he was courageous enough to write it down."
Aaron Ivey, worship pastor, The Austin Stone, Austin, Texas

"Because of the personal approach, in a strange way, reading Saturday Nothing was like having a conversation with Jesus over coffee."  
Drew Worsham, campus pastor, Resonate Church, Pullman, Washington