Helping plant and pastor Resonate Church has been unbelievably hard and unbelievably rewarding.  What started as one church with 7 people—by God’s grace—has grown to 6 sites , with over 1,000 in Sunday worship, 750 in small groups, and we’ve celebrated over 550 baptisms. We’ve planted churches in Pullman and Moscow and on the campuses of WSU, U of I, Central Washington University, and plan to launch at Eastern Washington University in the fall, and if the Lord allows we will plant at the University of Oregon sometime soon. God is so evident, it feels like we’re on the verge of revival on some of these campuses. 

Currently I serve as the Worship Pastor to the Resonate Network and the Site Pastor to our Pullman site.  Amy and I help lead the upperclassmen small group leaders.  I also preach 12-15 times a year.  But all I do is directly connected to planting disciple-making churches on every college campus in America.  We’re committed to do whatever it takes to reach college students.  All 21 million of them.

And a huge part of doing “whatever it takes” is support raising.  No matter how large our church gets we will never be able to fully pay our staff.  We are missionaries to college students who have very little income.  Therefore, it’s with joy we ask you to partner with us by joining our team and pledging to give monthly.

We’ll personally follow up with you if you have questions or once you join.  Whether you give or not, we would ask that you pray for us as we continue to work to make Christ known among college students.  Thank you, we couldn’t do what we do without you!

If you would like more info, please email me at

If you would like to give, click the link below, and put Josh Martin in the comment of the staff support fund.